Riggins Rights Management serves as the rights department for several inspirational publishers.  Since 2003, we have served the publishing industry as a "business-to-business" service linking our client copyright owners and publishers acquiring rights. We promote and sell book rights to other publishers for publication in different formats or languages.  It is our goal to help you find the right titles for your publishing program. ​​​​

Our website will provide you our client's monthly key releases, best sellers,  catalogs, and more.  ​​
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Riggins Rights Management manages all the rights and permissions for the distinguished RSV, NRSV, and RSV-CE scriptures.    Learn more about these translations at http://nrsvbibles.org/.

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Latest News​
  1. New Rights Catalog!

    Click here to download our latest rights catalog. 

    This edition highlights key new releases, January to June 2020, from all our clients.

  2. Meeting Opportunities in 2020

    We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your publishing needs in person at these upcoming book events:

    We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation and will post any applicable changes.
  3. Award Nominations!!

    Our clients received nine finalist nominations for ECPA's Christian Book Awards.

    Click here to see all the nominations and link to further information on the books.
    We are thrilled that our clients received 19 finalist nominations for the 2020 Selah Awards.

    Click here to see all the Selah nominations and link to further information on the books.
  4. Titles for Anxiety, Fear, and Suffering

    People and business are anxious, fearful and suffering due to the COVID19 pandemic. Help your customers with resources that help them deal with the emotional issues surrounding the circumstances of life.

    Our clients have several great titles on these issues from the Christian viewpoint. In this edition, we highlight these titles appropriate for these times for you to consider for your publishing program. Some are for the general reader while others are for counselors and pastors.

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Key New Client Releases​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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