Riggins International Rights Services (RIRS) serves as the rights department for several inspirational publishers.   We are a "business-to-business" service linking our client copyright owners and publishers acquiring rights. We promote and sell book rights to other publishers for publication in other formats or languages.  

Our website will provide you our client's monthly key releases, best sellers,  catalogs, and more.  You can click on any book image or ad banner on our site to launch to more information on that product.
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We will attend SBL/AAR and hold meetings in a hospitality suite.  

To discuss RSV, NRSV, or NRSV-CE rights, contact Jennifer Myers at NRSVcopyright@rigginsrights.com  All other meetings contact  cindy@rigginsrights.com.

RIRS has joined the Amazon Affiliate Program in an effort to raise funds for special projects.  One project includes assistance to a Thailand Christian publisher.  

How can you help?  Place your Amazon orders via our Amazon page at: www.amazon.com/shop/mosaicpublishingrights  

Our company will receive a small commission on any of your Amazon orders that are placed using our Amazon page as your sign-in and ordering site. It does not cost you anything, but will greatly help fulfill the needs.

In January 2018, we are changing our company name to Mosaic Publishing Rights.

The name was chosen because…
  • A mosaic is defined as a compilation of diverse elements that creates something else, or formed by uniting pieces of different colors; variegated; composed of various materials or ingredients.  
  • We represent a mosaic of Christian publishers with diverse theological thought.
  • We license to a diverse group of publishers in 29 languages (so far), reaching a human mosaic of cultures and colors.
  • When you place all the pieces together (similarly to the glass, stone, or golden pieces of beautiful mosaics that adorned some of the very first Christian churches), the finished result is that we reach people around the globe with products, in their own language or in a book format that appeals to them, that positively impact their life and faith.

We want our new logo to reflect the global mosaic of our work.  So, we are are holding a contest for logo design!  

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